Branching Out: Reduced Risk and Low Impact Pesticides

Environmental Protection Agency approved Reduced Risk and Low Impact Pesticides are available and are a good fit for controlling insects, weeds and certain diseases in Turf. These products are extremely low in toxicity to most non-target animal including birds, fish, bees and humans. So why are we as an industry reluctant to embrace these new technologies? Let’s take a look at some commonly used Turf Products and see how they can effect environment and suggest some Reduced Risk and Low Impact Pesticide alternatives.

  • Reduced Risk Herbicide Weed Free contains 96% Less Pesticide Active Ingredient with the same results as standard three-way herbicide
  • Reduced Risk Grub Control that is “Bee Safe” so you don’t have to notify bee keepers
  • Organic Certified Non-Selective Herbicide replacement for Round Up

Mike Reed is a Regional Sales Representative for SynaTek. Prior to joining SynaTek, he worked as a Sale Representative for 5 years at Holganix, a Plant Bio-Nutritional Company, and Lesco/John Deere Landscapes for 16 years as a Market Sales Representative. Serving the green industry for over 30 years and starting out as a pesticide applicator, Mike’s classes are taught from a common-sense approach that applies to the real world. Mike holds an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration from the County College of Morris.