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Landscape Management Technician Apprenticeship Program

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The New Jersey Landscape Contractors Association’s Landscape Management Technician apprenticeship, registered with the Department of Labor and administered by the NJLCA, is an association sponsored program that combines on-the-job training with related classroom or online instruction (provided by the National Association of Landscape Professionals) that increases an employee’s skill level and wages.

Participating in NJLCA’s registered apprenticeship program will satisfy the requirements to renew your Public Works Contractor Registration as required by law, which was signed on January 1, 2019.

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Your Responsibilities

🌱 Be open to hiring new employees or select current employees to be apprentices
🌱 Provide on-the-job training components
🌱 Identify a mentor to work with the apprentice
🌱 Pay the required progressively higher wage as skills increase
🌱 Provide participant information to NJLCA
🌱 Track hours and competencies

NJLCA Responsibilities

🌱 Sponsor the Landscape Management Technician Apprenticeship Program
🌱 Administer the program and file all necessary paperwork with the Department of Labor
🌱 Help businesses set up your program
🌱 Work with businesses to monitor and track progress of apprentices
🌱 Markets the program to business, school systems and the public
🌱 Provide businesses with necessary enrollment forms

How Can You Participate?


Read and understand the approved standards


Register your company with the NJLCA. Complete the company enrollment form and the employer acceptance agreement and send them along with payment to the NJLCA to be deposited in the ERISA Trust


Begin your on-the-job training with your apprentice and ensure they are completing the required online training


Track the individual progress of apprentices

On-the-Job Training Competencies

Organize equipment, tools and materials for maintenance/management projects, load truck safety125
Maintain (sharpen and minor adjustments) tools, equipment; check and advise vehicle maintenance150
Mow, edge, and trim turf areas and use backpack blower; use tools and equipment safely350
Weed, rake and cultivate shrubs, groundcover and turf areas using tools and equipment safely100
Plant, cultivate, maintain flowerbeds and potted plants according to correct and safe procedures100
Prune shrubs and trees (from the ground) using tools and equipment safely200
Install trees and shrubs; adjust stakes and guy wire; and adjust hose ties to prevent girdling50
Apply fertilizers as directed (does not replace the NJ Fertilizer License requirement)50
Apply specific herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides as directed and safely (does not replace NJ Pesticide License requirement)100
Read, analyze and measure job sites or blueprints and make necessary mathematical calculations100
Renovate, seed and sod lawns using tools and equipment safely100
Aerate, thatch and top dress existing turf areas using tools and equipment safely100
Water, prune, fertilize, mulch, perform leaf removal and otherwise maintain existing landscapes according to specifications125
Program automatic and manual watering schedules as specified50
Make minor adjustments and repairs to irrigation and/or low voltage lighting systems (does not replace NJ Irrigation Contractor License requirement)200
Clean paving and hardscapes with hand and power tools and equipment in a safe manner50
Identify correctly the plants and flowers used on projects under maintenance and care50

Related Instruction

First Aid and Safety8
Landscape Plan Reading and Calculations12
Landscape Management:
– Turf Installation and Maintenance
– Pest Management
– Plants and Planting
– Tree and Shrub Maintenance
– Turf Equipment Safety and Operation
– Landscape Equipment Safety and Maintenance
Irrigation Systems Components and Maintenance:
– Irrigation Plan Reading
– Irrigation Concepts
– Wiring and Electrical Troubleshooting
– Water Management and Auditing
Construction and Hardscaping:
– Survey, Grading and Drainage
– Hardscapes
– Specialty Features
– Edger Installation

Download the Apprenticeship Enrollment Form

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